Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rupal Patel & Rahul Dave of Arya Dance Academy Married!

Yes you read it right!  Rupal Patel and Rahul Dave of Arya dance academy are getting married this weekend and guess who designed the wedding events?  Yours truly!  Our staff is in Georgia making sure the events are beyond Rupal & Rahul's dreams!  Here's a sneak peak to their garba/raas event.

Why this specific design?  It was said that Lord Krishna, while standing under a tree, played the melodious sounds of his flutes which lured the gopis (including Radha) towards him where they played raas lila the entire night. Did you know that the Indian classical dance of Kathak evolved from the Raas lila of Braj?  Wouldn't our bride Rupal, a classical Kathak dancer, appreciate this custom design for her?  We don't just study our client's taste, we bring their inner desires to life!  Can't wait to share their wedding pictures with you.

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